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San Luis Obispo Office Movers

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Moving an office takes more skill than just being able to lift heavy things. Office moves present many challenges and your time as a business owner or manager is extremely  valuable. When you need professional office relocation services, you need experienced office movers that take pride in their work just as you do yours.

Martian Movers is the San Luis Obispo office moving company you’re looking for. Our highly-trained crew members break down, pack, and then rebuild your office with efficiency and care to minimize downtime. Our employees undergo extensive training before they ever step foot on the job site. We know you will be blown away by our professionalism and experience. We move more than 1,000 customers per year within San Luis Obispo, all of San Luis Obispo County, and all of Santa Barbara County.

Why Hire a Professional San Luis Obispo Office Moving Company

Not all relocation companies offer office moving services. Choosing a professional San Luis Obispo office moving company is important to ensure your relocation is completed without any problems. When it comes to business, time is money, and if the company you hire is delayed or takes longer than expected to complete the relocation – it’s your business reputation and finances on the line.

As part of the office relocation, our team offers comprehensive services that ensure the entire process goes off without a hitch! Common services included with an office relocation include:

Small office moves

Whether you’re relocating a single-person office or five cubicles in the SLO or Santa Barbara area, we have the experience, equipment, and supplies necessary to get you settled quickly.

Office furniture & cubicle relocation & assembly

Cubicles can be a challenge to disassemble and then figure out how to reassemble in the new office space, but our team can take down and set up cubicles with ease. Once the cubicles are in place, we’ll also bring in the desks, chairs, and other office furniture so each cubicle workspace is ready for use!

Office equipment relocation

Your copiers, printers, scanners and all other office equipment is safely transported to your new location, along with any accessories.

Large office relocations

Transporting everything from a large office to a new location is daunting, but not when you hire professionals with experience doing just that!

Office furniture & cubicle relocation & assembly

Sometimes companies require storage of office equipment and furniture during the relocation process. Maybe you’re moving out of one building before the new space is ready - whatever the reason, our storage solutions cover the SLO and Santa Barbara area and will help you during this transition.

Office furniture & cubicle relocation & assembly

Office employees aren’t always willing participants in the packing process. Our team expertly packs, protects, and labels everything in the office to transport it to the new space.

office movers

When you work with the professionals, experienced crews arrive at your location with all of the necessary supplies and equipment to complete the relocation with ease, including:

  • Boxes, tape, bubble wrap
  • Carts and dollys in various sizes to accommodate boxes, electronics, and furniture
  • Furniture blankets and pads to protect items from damage
  • Protection for floors, walls, and windows
  • Straps to secure everything from falling over in the trucks
  • Specailized moving trucks

San Luis Obispo Office Relocation Tips

Having completed thousands of office relocations, we know some of the most common questions business owners and managers have is around how to label boxes and furniture to make it easy to set up in the new location, whether or not relocation expenses can be capitalized, and how to announce the relocation to the employees.

Office moving labels

You can easily print your own moving labels, adopting either a color coded system for each department or floor, or labeling furniture and items by employee name and room number.

How to capitalize office moving expenses

Expenses related to shipping and setting up fixed assets is originally capitalizable, labor costs related to relocating the furniture and equipment after the assets are in service cannot be capitalized. Relocation expenses can be expensed at the time they occur.

Office moving announcement template

Not sure how to announce the new address? Here’s an announcement template to get you started.

How to Estimate the Cost of a San Luis Obispo Office Move

Beware of uninsured and inexperienced people offering low pricing or advertising flat rate relocation services as they usually involve hidden costs and unexpected expenses. To get an accurate relocation estimate, you must provide details surrounding your situation, such as:

  • How far you’re relocating
  • What special preparation is required (if any)
  • How much equipment, furniture, and boxes there are
  • How many crew members are needed
  • Date and time of relocation
  • How much access there is to the office buildings (are there stairs, how far away do we have to park, do we have to work within certain timeframes, etc)

Martian Movers offers transparent, affordable pricing, no hidden expenses, and provides customized quotes based on the unique conditions of your relocation.

Choosing the Best San Luis Obispo Office Movers

The secret to a stress-free office relocation? Hiring the right company! It might be tempting to pick the lowest priced option but before you make your decision, spend some time researching available options and checking that the company is reputable and experienced.
  • How many years of experience they have
  • Whether the company has modern (smooth-riding) and properly maintained moving trucks
  • Whether their customers leave satisfied reviews or not
  • How many relocations they’ve completed
  • Whether or not they have a low claims rate

Martian Movers started over 9 years ago and has served over 1,000 relocations every year with our smooth-riding, fully-equipped specialized trucks. Our San Luis Obispo office movers reviews on Google are proof from our actual customers that we are committed to ensuring you have a stress-free and efficient experience with exceptional customer service.

Minimize Downtime with Experienced San Luis Obispo Office Movers

Let us help you settle into your new office building quickly so you can get back to work! Fill out the no-obligation form to get a free quote or call us today at 805-779-3844 so we can show you how affordable and reliable our services are. We are very knowledgeable about the San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County, and all of Santa Barbara County areas.