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Professional Packing Services with Martian Movers

Moving in itself can be very difficult, but when you add the time and stress of packing everything by yourself, it can turn into really hard work.  Not to mention the worry about whether or not your precious crystal or cherished heirlooms have been packed and wrapped properly to ensure they arrive safely and undamaged at the new location.

The list of tasks that has to be completed when moving seems endless and adding hours if not days of packing all your belonging might just seem to be too much to handle. Here is where our experienced and highly trained packers from Martian Movers come in.

What are the benefits of choosing packing services?

Hiring professional packers not only will save you a significant amount of time but also give you the peace of mind that when you open that box, your expensive china won’t greet you in a thousand pieces. Our teams will arrive with the proper packing materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper to name a few. It doesn’t have to end here, at Martian Movers we offer full packing and unpacking services, once at your new location you simply tell us where your items have their place and we will put them there.

Packing Services Offered by Martian Movers

Looking for help with packing for your move? Martian Movers has a menu of packing services for every budget.

Full-Service Packing Services

Full-service packing means by the time your moving truck arrives, every item is properly packed and wrapped. Everything has been coordinated, so no last minute worries about that cabinet in the back closet that you have forgotten about or all the items in the attic you haven’t thought about in years. Our packers and movers are highly trained in handling your furniture, antiques, your artwork and much much more and will have your move ready to roll in no time.

Partial Packing

Not keen on packing your kitchen or precious china and glassware but feel more comfortable packing your personal items yourself? Not a problem, we offer partial packing services, you tell us what you would like to have packed and we get going.

Unpacking Services

Boxes, boxes everywhere. If you feel overwhelmed by the fact that your new home has turned into an obstacle course filled with moving boxes, then our unpacking services might be just what is needed. Our movers will start unpacking and putting your items where you want them, as soon as they arrive at your new location, so you can enjoy your new home in no time.

Do It Yourself Packing

You are determined and plan on packing it all by yourself? Martian Movers can still be of service with our professional packing materials, such as mattress bags, specialty boxes for TVs or big artwork and the like, moving pads, shrink wrap and plenty of tape.

Be very mindful with reusing moving boxes or free boxes, they often are not quality boxes or lost their stability and if a box breaks and with it all your belongings within, then the pennies saved on the reused box will fade in light of the cost to replace the items broken.

San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties Packing Services Cost

How Much Do Packing Services Cost?

Packing services might not be as expensive as you think, especially when you consider the potential for damage to your belongings if not packed properly. The final cost depends on which service you choose, the kind of items that need packing, number of rooms. Or do you have any specialty items that need crating?

Contact Martian Movers today to get a free packing and moving quote. Call 805-000-0000.