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Living in Cambria CA Ultimate Guide 🌊 | What to Know About Moving to Cambria California

Last Updated on: 28th January 2024, 02:52 pm

If you are searching for a place to settle down and enjoy a relaxed style of living, then look no further than Cambria, California. Cambria is a seaside village on the Central Coast of California offering homes with gorgeous ocean views and beaches that you can spend your days exploring. The land was once inhabited by the Native American Chumash peoples before being occupied by Spanish explorers in 1769. Since then, Cambria has become a thriving community that is popular among residents and tourists alike. As such, Cambria is a good place to live. This is everything you need to know about living in Cambria CA.

Where Is Cambria?


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Where is Cambria CA? Cambria CA is in San Luis Obispo County and is nestled halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The village is close to major natural attractions and is bordered by Harmony Headlands State Park on the south, Hearst San Simeon State Park on the north, and the Pacific Ocean on the west.

If you are looking to take a day trip after moving to Cambria, you will be happy to know that it is only 33.4 miles from Cambria to San Luis Obispo and 20.7 miles from Cambria to Morro Bay. If you would rather head out on a weekend getaway, it is 144 miles from Cambria to Monterey.

Cambria CA Population & Demographics

The Cambria population is currently 6,032, which is a 6% increase over the past decade. San Luis Obispo County has been one of the most popular places to move to over the past few years. In fact, San Luis Obispo County ranks among the top 10 fastest-growing counties in California, according to the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Cambria CA is known for being popular among older residents. The median age in Cambria is 60.5, and 41% of the population is over the age of 65. The average household size is 2 persons. This is largely due to the village being a popular place for retirees. The beautiful beachfront properties and peaceful surroundings make it a great place to settle down and enjoy a slow-paced life.

Residents living in Cambria tend to be more educated than those in the rest of the state. 95.4% of residents living in Cambria California have a high school degree (or higher), and 44.4% have a bachelor’s degree (or higher). This is higher than the California average of 84.2% with a high school degree (or higher) and 35.3% with a bachelor’s degree (or higher).

Additional Cambria CA Demographics:

  • Sex ratio: 50% female, 50% male
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 83.1% White (70.8% non-Hispanic), 10.3% two or more races, 1.1% Asian, 0.4% American Indian, 0.2% Black or African American
  • Median household income: $87,744 (compared to the California average of $84,097)
  • Foreign-born population: 10.7%
  • Notable people from Cambria: Author Christopher Moore, actor Peter Horton, and singer-songwriter Jude Johnstone

One of the biggest benefits of living in Cambria California is the safety of the village. Here’s a quick overview of the Cambria crime rates.

  • Overall crime in Cambria: 1,549 crimes per 100,000 people (46% lower than the state average and 33% lower than the national average)
  • Property crime in Cambria: 1,276 crimes per 100,000 people (58% lower than the state average and 35% lower than the national average)
  • Violent crime in Cambria: 272 crimes per 100,000 people (59% lower than the state average and 26% lower than the national average)

After moving to Cambria California, you will be protected by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

Cambria Cost Of Living


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Is Cambria expensive? The Cambria Cost of Living Index is 146.1, making the area 46.1% more expensive than the national average. However, it is lower than the cost of living in California. California has a Cost of Living Index of 149.9, making it 3.8% more expensive than Cambria.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in Cambria CA would need to earn $104,773 per year to live comfortably in the village. This comes out to about $8,731 per month.

Typical Cambria California Living Expenses

  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $22.00
  • Cappuccino: $4.30
  • Gallon of milk: $4.19
  • Pound of apples: $1.60
  • Bottle of wine: $15.99
  • Gallon of gas: $5.08
  • Average Cambria utilities per month: $357.50
  • Fitness membership (monthly): $56.67

Source: Numbeo

*These numbers are for San Luis Obispo, but you can expect similar figures in Cambria.

Cambria real estate is one of the highest expenses you will encounter when living in the area. The Cambria CA real estate market is booming, and the average home price is $1.04 million, according to Redfin. Home prices are up 17.7% compared to last year and sit on the market for an average of 23 days.


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Would you rather rent Cambria California real estate? You will find a few apartments and homes for rent in the area, and the average rent in Cambria is around $2,020 per month.

Cambria Neighborhoods | Where To Live In Cambria

Cambria is a very small village, so there are not many distinct neighborhoods to choose from. One of the most popular areas to live in is Moonstone Beach. This neighborhood is located on the water and offers easy access to the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk and Moonstone Beach itself.

Another great area to live in is Downtown Cambria. Although this area is popular among tourists, you will find some of the best restaurants and coffee shops in all of Cambria here, and there is always something going on in this bustling area.


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If you want a quieter place to live, then check out the area south of Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. This area is largely residential, so you won’t see much tourist or vehicle traffic.

Cambria CA Weather & Climate

The weather in Cambria CA is generally pleasant all year round. The village has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, according to the Köppen Classification. This means that the area experiences dry summers and mild, wet winters.

Cambria CA Climate Statistics:

  • Cambria annual rainfall: 16.7 inches
  • Average summer temperature in Cambria: 69ºF
  • Average winter temperature in Cambria: 53ºF

Things To Do In Cambria

After moving to Cambria California, you can grocery shop at places like Cookie Crock Market and Soto’s True Earth Market. If you are searching for shopping in Cambria CA, then check out Bumblebees or Cambria Surf Shop. These are some of the best things to do in Cambria CA.

Moonstone Beach

Moonstone Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cambria. This Cambria beach is relaxed, secluded, and incredibly peaceful. The beach is also complete with a boardwalk that offers over a mile of amazing views. It is also the location of the annual Cambria CA Scarecrow Festival.

Cambria, California 93428

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

This beautiful preserve is one of the best Cambria California attractions. You can spend the entire day walking along the trails and admiring the wildlife.

604 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428, 805-927-2856

Cambria Historical Museum

If you want to learn a little more about Cambria, then stop by the Cambria Historical Museum to view historical photos and artifacts from the village’s past.

2251 Center St, Cambria, CA 93428, 805-927-2891

Additional Cambria CA Attractions

Still aren’t sure of what to do in Cambria? The Cambria Community Services District maintains several parks around the village for you to check out. You can also take a look at the village’s event calendar.

Cambria Restaurants

Whether you are in the mood for American, seafood, or steak, Cambria has it all. Here are just a few restaurants in Cambria that you need to check out.

Linn’s Restaurant

Linn’s Restaurant is one of the most well-known Cambria CA restaurants. At this charming restaurant, you will find American country-style food as well as baked goods and regional wines.

2277 Main St, Cambria, CA 93428, 805-927-0371

Cambria Mimosas Steak & Seafood

Stop by this popular eatery for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether you want pancakes, shrimp, or steak, this restaurant has it all.

841 Main St, Cambria, CA 93428, 805-927-4602

Robin’s Restaurant

Robin’s is one of the best restaurants in Cambria CA. Sit out on the open patio and enjoy a wide variety of Mexican, Thai, and Indian dishes.

4095 Burton Dr, Cambria, CA 93428, 805-927-5007

Jobs In Cambria CA

If you aren’t moving to Cambria for a job, then you may be curious about the village’s economy. Most Cambria jobs fall into the tourism category. There are dozens of hotels and bed and breakfasts along the coast, and many residents living in Cambria work in these establishments. According to PayScale, the average salary in Cambria is $59,000 per year.

If you prefer to work outside of the tourism industry, then commuting to the nearby city of San Luis Obispo may be a good choice for you. Top employers in SLO include California Polytechnic State University, the County of San Luis Obispo, and Pacific Gas and Electric.

If you are on the hunt for jobs in Cambria CA, then check out the Cambria Community Services District job board or search for ‘Cambria jobs’ on Indeed.

Cambria Schools

Cambria is served by the Coast Unified School District. This district serves not only Cambria, but also the nearby communities of San Simeon and Cayucos. This Cambria school district contains one elementary school, one middle school, one high school, and one alternative high school.

The village’s only high school is Coast Union High School, which is ranked by US News as the second-best high school in the San Luis Obispo metro area. It was also named a star school on the 2017-18 California Honor Roll by the Educational Results Partnership and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence. The school has a small enrollment of only 161, providing each student with an individualized learning experience.

If you’re on the hunt for higher education options, then Cuesta College North County Campus, Laurus College – Atascadero, and Central California School are all located nearby.

If you want to find a good book to read or need a quiet place to do homework, then head over to the Cambria Library.

Cambria Statistics & Information

  • County: San Luis Obispo
  • Cambria area: 8.42 square miles
  • Cambria zip code: 93428
  • Cambria area code: 805
  • Cambria elevation: 43 feet
  • Cambria time zone: Pacific Time Zone (PT)
  • Closest airport to Cambria: San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP), 36.6 miles away

Cambria California Map

Living in Cambria CA is a unique experience that you won’t get anywhere else. If you are ready to move to Cambria, then let Martian Movers assist you. Give our experienced Cambria movers a call today at (805) 779-3844 for a free quote.


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